“When I started working with Laura Diamond, I was experiencing chronic pain and exercise intolerance secondary to fibromyalgia (FM). I also had other multiple problems, including bursitis in both hips, arthritis in one foot, and tendonitis in my shoulder. I was a mess!

Laura carefully evaluated all the physical problems and started me on a gradual and gentle regimen of manual therapy and exercise. In time, I achieved all of my goals and I was in the best physical shape in decades. Now, I work out vigorously several times a week using exercises and self-knowledge about my body that I learned from my work with Laura. Perhaps the best outcome is that I keep my FM in remission through my exercise regimen and enjoy a wide range of physical activities without pain or injury.

Laura is exceptional – the best physical therapist I’ve ever had (and I’ve had lots over the years). Her individualized attention is what really makes the difference and her program is unique.”

Barbara, University Professor

“From the first time I met her, Laura’s mix of professionalism and genuine empathy for my severe chronic pain truly impressed me and put me at ease. Her initial assessment and examination went far beyond those of many therapists. She is very patient with me, stays with me the entire therapy session, and offers me both helpful correction and lots of positive reinforcement. While I’m enjoying the warmth of the therapy pool, she has helped me get stronger! Physical therapy with her is worth every penny.”

Louise Battista, Stow MA

Olivia Magic Carpet

“Ready to go? From the second those three words are uttered each session Megan is locked in and her number one focus is on six year old daughter, Olivia. But she is not there as a swim instructor or PT she is there as her partner. Actively engaging Olivia in conversation and more importantly listening for both verbal and non-verbal cues about what’s going on both in the pool and in Olivia’s life. Megan had taken great care in forming a strong relationship of trust and understanding with Olivia that has helped both of them remain patient as Olivia has navigated learning a new and challenging environment of the pool.”

Olivia Ring

“Olivia has always had challenges with core strength and balance, and I never quite knew if she would be safe in the water, but week after week I see Olivia’s confidence grow as Megan truly enables her to not only be safe and be strong, but have a love of swimming. I could not have asked for a better partner in this journey for Olivia. After all, who else would gladly let a six year old dump water on them over and over and over and over again.”

Rich Weiss, Framingham, MA

Allison, Mother of Bill

Joni had a total hip replacement and came to Laura after she got worse with traditional physical therapy.

“As a veteran of eight months of physical therapy for back surgery, I have been treated by at least half a dozen physical therapists. None of them have been as helpful or healing as the combination of Laura Diamond’s skills and her water therapy.”

“Water therapy is, itself, a wondrous form of rehabilitation – especially if you need to build your core strength and restore weakened muscles. But even therapy in the water would not accomplish as much as its combination with a therapist like Laura. She gives her clients/patients her undivided attention during the entire session. Your every move is attended to, so that you learn how to move and how not to move. Much of what I learned from Laura had never been mentioned to me by either doctors or other therapists. ”

“I recommend her for anyone who is frustrated and discouraged by the prospect of a long recovery. She makes it fun, is exceptionally caring, and brings you along at a pace that is realistic, but intended to get you to your goal before the next millennium.”

Jean Hardisty, Senior Scholar, Wellesley Centers for Women

Jean Hardisty - "A friend is one who really knows you and loves you all the same." -Anonymous

“Laura and Megan are so kind and nice. You should try it to get strong muscles. I recommend it!”


“I’ve been a patient at Diamond Physical Therapy for a few months now and can’t say enough about Laura. She spends one on one time, is caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve been to several PTs over the years and she is by far the best I’ve encountered.”

Lisa W. from Yelp

“…Aqua therapy is a great complement to all the other physical therapies my son does in a week. He’s working hard and getting stronger, but he hardly notices that he’s working.”

Betsy, Mother, Newton, MA

“Laura is simply the BEST! She will change your life!”

Debbie Kernochan, Cambridge MA

“As a physician with chronic pain, I consider myself well positioned to evaluate health care providers. After consulting numerous physical therapists over many years, I have found a powerful approach to chronic pain in Laura Diamond’s unique combination of aquatic and manual therapies. Laura’s range of skills exceeds those of any other physical therapist I have seen. She is not only an exceptional clinician, but also an exceptional person. Laura is supremely talented, creative, and totally committed to her patients, putting the full force of her being into her practice. Her warm, generous, and caring temperament enable her to relate effectively to all kinds of people.”

“Without aquatic physical therapy, I would never have been able to return to my pre-surgical level of functioning. After being injured in traditional physical therapy, I was referred to Laura for aquatic work. In the pool, I was able to increase my strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance without further injury. Water exercise eventually made it possible for me to resume land therapy and I continue to utilize both kinds of therapy to this day. On those rare occasions when I have too much pain to exercise on land, aquatic therapy remains available to me. It gives me a sense of moving forward even when I am in a flare-up and helps me feel productive while managing my pain.”

“When I was in medical school, my role models were people who set out to make a difference in lives of their patients. Laura has made a significant difference in mine.”

Deborah Chud, MD, November 2005

“…Laura has had a tremendous impact on our daughter’s development – boosting her strength, endurance and self confidence. Through a carefully planned and continually evolving program of exercises as well as early swimming and water safety skills, Laura has helped Sarah work and develop muscles in the water that she would never have been able to do on land. What’s more, Laura does this all in such a fun way that our daughter doesn’t even realize how hard she’s working. We love how much Sarah has grown and how much self confidence she’s gained. If you’re looking for the best therapeutic aquatic program for your child, call Laura right away!”

Mimi S., Mother, Newton, MA

“Everyone is interested in results and the therapists at Diamond Physical Therapy Associates get results. I can attribute their successes and my patients’ accelerated recoveries to the exceptional care being offered by this group and to the benefits of aquatic physical therapy.”

Gigi Girgis, MD, Neurologist Affiliated with Waltham Deaconess Hospital

“Laura is amazing! I had shoulder surgery two years ago and was in Physical Therapy for months and it was not working. When the pain became unbearable and my shoulder and arm were getting weaker I was told I probably needed another operation.  I was recommended to Laura by a friend; in a few short weeks I feel so much better. Laura’s innovative, knowledgeable and personal approach are unique and comprehensive. I am hopeful that with her continued work I can avoid having more surgery.”

Astrid Williams, Concord MA


“She and Jason made an immediate connection at the consultation. Megan welcomed him and engaged directly with him showing such respect and genuine interest in getting to know him. At the pool Megan worked hard to help Jason feel comfortable about getting into the pool. Megan was very patient and kind as she encouraged Jason to sit on the chair lift and get into the pool. She looked  him in his eyes and established trust.  When in the pool he is completely connected with Megan and willingly takes part in the various therapies she structures for him.”

“We couldn’t be more happy with Megan and her obvious dedication and passion for working with individuals who benefit from her therapy. Thank you Megan!”

– Karen R., Jason’s proud Mom