Hydrofit Cuffs

Hydrofit Cuffs

Versatile and durable fitness cuffs enhance the natural buoyancy and resistance of the water while increasing muscle tone and aerobic conditioning. This system offers four applications for a variety of fitness and rehabilitation options.
Classic (buckle) and Easy-Close (velcro)

Regular or Mini

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Product Description

  • Ankle placement for strengthening and toning hips, thighs and buttocks; also used this way for pelvic and spinal stabilization programs
  • Arm placement provides buoyant support for abdominal strengthening exercises, as well as resistance for upper extremity strengthening
  • Clipped together, the cuffs function as a floatation belt for deep-water exercise
  • Additional advantages are that these cuffs can be used in deep or shallow water, they have foam inserts that may be independently removed to adjust buoyancy level, and one size fits all.