Resources for Parents and Kids

Yoga For Kids

Many of you may know about the fabulous folks at the Boston Ability Center. Arielle Rose live streams yoga for kids. If you use this link to go to her You Tube channel she has a Rainbow Kids Yoga glass you can view anytime. Thanks Arielle! The YMCA also does a wonderful Yoga class for kids. There are 2 on the YMCA page, so be sure you take a look at both.

Yoga for kids from the Boston Ability Center

YMCA Kids Yoga

Longfellow Whales Tales presented by the American Red Cross is a great resource to teach your kids about water safety. The videos are made for kids and are short and sweet. I’ve provided the link for not only the videos but with lesson plans for educators and I’m sure you can easily follow along. We all know that Mom’s and Dad’s are teachers these days – always, but even more so now.

Longfellow Whales Tales videos and resources

The American Physical Therapy Association offers great tips for the whole family:

Health & Wellness Tips
Ttips For Older Adults and Caregivers
Activities For Kids of All Abilities
Motivation: Move More, Feel Better

Find these great activities and tips here.

Resources for Adults

There are a ton of online resources for exercises, core, weight training, etc.

I found this link on the Beede website and I’ve looked at many of the videos on the Facebook page. They look like comprehensive, worthwhile programs.

Swimming Hole Facebook page- exercises for dry land

Here are a few more ideas from the YMCA.

They also look like good choices for movement and resistive exercises.

A quick warm up and stretch to help you loosen up so you can start your day with a smile

Great workout for Active Older Adults utilizing both a chair and weights

Great workout for Active Older Adults utilizing both a chair and resistance tubes

YMCA exercise videos. Click on new releases for more.