No pool, no problem.

No pool, no problem. (Well, sort of.)
I am here for you and I miss you! How can I help you?

Dear Patients, Parents, Friends, and Family,

I hope you are safe and well wherever you are. I am reaching out to you during this unimaginable time in our community and the world. Covid-19 has swept across the planet like a wildfire and we are all reeling trying to find new ways of living and working.

We are collectively and individually doing all we can to be safe, stay connected, and practice the distancing and hygiene that will keep us going and hopefully protect us. I hope that includes doing things that nurture your soul and keep your heart happy.

I miss each and every one of you and hope you and your friends and families are doing well. I am well, and my family and friends are also well. My deepest sympathies go out to those of you who have ill family members and perhaps loved ones in the hospital or in hospice who you can’t visit personally.

What do you need? If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I’d be so happy to help.

I would like to offer you and your children a FREE 15-30 minute connection via Zoom or FaceTime. I am happy just say hi or to discuss options for land based exercises, meditation, relaxation, stress management. If that works well for you, we can discuss telehealth visits during this time when we are apart.

I have included exercise links below that I have vetted. I hesitated to do this, as I know your inboxes are filled with this stuff. Please, ignore it if you have a program that is working for you and makes you happy. Of course, as always, don’t do what hurts. Understand the difference between good pain and bad pain. Warm up with a walk in the neighborhood or go up and down your stairs. Pace yourself – start out slowly. There is always tomorrow. Definitely check out the links if you are looking for things to do with your kids.

Speaking of kids and parents, my heart goes out to those parents who are working from home, and wearing the hat of their children’s teacher, therapist, and/or behaviorist. I am always in awe of the parents of the special kids with whom I work. Don’t forget to sprinkle each day with a lot of love, fun and outdoor activities! Emotional resilience and gratitude may perhaps be the most important life lessons learned during this time.

Until we are clearer about when we can cautiously resume physical therapy and aquatic physical therapy, I am continuing to suspend all sessions. We look forward to Beede opening up it’s doors again. I can’t wait to see you again!

In the meantime, be well and feel free to drop me a note to share what you’re doing to stay sane, inspired and active.

With best wishes and virtual hugs,