Megan Gray Cohen


Megan Gray Cohen, PT, DPT received a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from University of Miami in 2017, a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Miami in 2014. She has completed postgraduate courses in Maitland Manual Therapy and received her Certificate of Clinical Competency through the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy. Megan is certified as a Lifeguard, and in CPR and First Aid. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and a committee member of the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy.


Dr. Gray Cohen has an accomplished resume in the world of aquatics as a lifeguard, swimmer, triathlete, swim instructor and coach. At the University of Miami, Megan participated as a volunteer in Adaptive Beach Days, Junior Orange Bowl, Adaptive Sailing, and Adaptive Swimming. Upon graduation, Megan was awarded the Mary McMillan Scholarship Award for exemplary scholastic ability and the potential for future professional contribution. In Boston, Megan worked as a Physical Therapist at Back on Track Physical Therapy with a specialization in Aquatic PT and at Spaulding Rehabilitation in Brighton. Megan currently serves as a committee member to the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy and was awarded the Ripple Award in 2020 for outstanding contributions to the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy. Her clinical experience includes working in Aquatic Therapy with patients of all ages, as well as treating general orthopedics and neurological disorders. She employs an individualized and holistic approach to help each of her patients reach their personal goals. In her free time, Dr. Gray Cohen loves stand up paddleboarding, yoga, hiking, triathlon training, and spending time with a good book at the beach!

Megan doesn’t just work in the water, she lives in it! In her free time, she enjoys open water swimming and stand up paddleboarding in and around the Boston area.

“The water gives me freedom and a place of peace. I love sharing that same feeling with everyone I work with!”

“I have waited my whole career for a therapist with Megan’s caliber to join my practice. Megan shares my passion for the water and aquatic physical therapy.”
- Laura Diamond, PT, MS

“Megan understood immediately my pain and my fears. She guided me through as series of exercises in a therapy pool that improved my confidence and physical ability. She was right there in the water with me, helping and encouraging me through each exercise. Megan is a gentle and supportive therapist. Her professional knowledge is such that she can immediately begin where it is needed and adapt accordingly.  I watched Megan work with a disabled youth and believe that she can accommodate all levels of therapy for all ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed the aqua therapy experience with Megan.”

Diane Climo, Lincoln, MA

Olivia Magic Carpet

“Ready to go? From the second those three words are uttered each session Megan is locked in and her number one focus is on six year old daughter, Olivia. But she is not there as a swim instructor or PT she is there as her partner. Actively engaging Olivia in conversation and more importantly listening for both verbal and non-verbal cues about what’s going on both in the pool and in Olivia’s life. Megan had taken great care in forming a strong relationship of trust and understanding with Olivia that has helped both of them remain patient as Olivia has navigated learning a new and challenging environment of the pool.”

Olivia Ring

“Olivia has always had challenges with core strength and balance, and I never quite knew if she would be safe in the water, but week after week I see Olivia’s confidence grow as Megan truly enables her to not only be safe and be strong, but have a love of swimming. I could not have asked for a better partner in this journey for Olivia. After all, who else would gladly let a six year old dump water on them over and over and over and over again.”

Rich Weiss, Framingham, MA

“I have waited my whole career for a therapist with Megan’s caliber to join my practice. Megan shares my passion for the water and aquatic physical therapy.”

Laura Diamond, PT, MS

“Megan is by far the most skilled physical therapist I have encountered.  She is thorough in assessment, considering all aspects of my activities of daily life, and body mechanics to create an individualized treatment plan. Megan has creative problem solving skills to address obstacles that exacerbate pain and to find exercises that help overcome well established issues. But, what impresses me most about Megan is her emotional intelligence.  I have seen her work with a wide variety of ages and disabilities adapting her communication style to suit the situation.  She is kind, respectful, and thorough, gently redirecting when necessary yet affirming.  This type of attention to detail and care is a gift.  We need more like Megan in the medical community!”

Kelly Larson, RN

bill meg

“Megan is a wonderful combination of sweetness and inspiration wrapped around technical expertise. She knows when to push and when to watch; this approach brings out the best in Bill.”

Alison, Bill’s Mom

“Megan is a bright, compassionate, and creative  physical therapist. Diamond PT is fortunate to have someone has talented as Megan on their staff. I have worked with many physical therapists over the years, Megan is by far the most outstanding. She does not have a cookie cutter approach to treatment.  She evaluates the individual needs, listens carefully to the client and recommends exercises and stretches for the individual needs.”

Paula Bentinck-Smith, Concord, MA

“Laura and Megan are so kind and nice. You should try it to get strong muscles. I recommend it!”



“She and Jason made an immediate connection at the consultation. Megan welcomed him and engaged directly with him showing such respect and genuine interest in getting to know him. At the pool Megan worked hard to help Jason feel comfortable about getting into the pool. Megan was very patient and kind as she encouraged Jason to sit on the chair lift and get into the pool. She looked  him in his eyes and established trust.  When in the pool he is completely connected with Megan and willingly takes part in the various therapies she structures for him.”

“We couldn’t be more happy with Megan and her obvious dedication and passion for working with individuals who benefit from her therapy. Thank you Megan!”

– Karen R., Jason’s proud Mom


“Megan has a great way with my 6 year old son with Cerebral Palsy (Right Hemiplegia) that honors him, his growing independence, self-awareness and advocacy, needs and opportunities of his body.  I scoured the earth for Laura almost 4 years ago.  Our family has traveled far and wide (Alabama, Virginia, NYC, etc.) for the best care and therapies and the Universe gave us a break that the best in this discipline is right here in the Greater Boston area.  Laura scoured the Earth for Megan.  From these years working with Laura and Megan, my son swims with family and friends, in community swim classes.  He loves, is safe in, and participates fully in the water.  It’s wonderful for his body and spirit.”

– Jordyne, Mom, Newton


“My daughter LOVES going to water PT. Laura and Megan challenge her to work hard while having fun in the warm pool. They are excellent clinicians and very responsive to my daughter’s needs. She feels so good after each session and it shows!”

Kathy Corkins, Sylvie’s Mom