Aquatic Equipment – Buoyancy Cuffs

Would you like more of a challenge?
By Laura Diamond, MS, PT

Would you like to get more out of your workout? There are a few ways to accomplish this. You can improve your strength by increasing resistance with the use of fins or gloves. Alternatively, you can work against buoyancy, which is the upward pressure from the water.

To increase the effect of buoyancy you can use floatation devices such as hand buoys, therapy bars, or floatation cuffs. These devices increase the upward pressure of the water on your arms or legs, leading to an increased resistance as you push them down into the water. Be sure to control the upward motion of the device by moving slowly.

With the use of this additional aquatic equipment, you will need to work harder to stabilize your posture, which will help you to develop more core strength.

Don’t forget, every time you change positions in the water you are changing which muscles are getting stronger with every movement.

Hydrofit buoyancy cuffs have 6 inserts in each cuff. You can vary the difficulty when you adjust the number of inserts in each cuff.

Here are some pictures which demonstrate the use of buoyancy equipment. You will find these and more in the book. The book will provide step by step instructions on how to perform each exercise.