We are beyond thrilled to share Jazzy’s big accomplishment this summer – she earned her Green Swim Band at the Beede Center.

For the uninitiated, earning a Green Band is no small feat. Jazzy, who is 6 ½, flawlessly swam the front crawl, complete with rhythmic breathing, NONSTOP for 25 yards. Then – as if that’s not impressive enough – she swam the backstroke another 25 yards, again NONSTOP! And without even taking a split second break from swimming half the length of a football field, Jazzy treaded water for 30 seconds then floated on her back for 30 more!!

Did we mention that she made it look easy?

And did we mention that Jazzy is now a member of the Pre-Otters, a training program for Beede’s youth swim team? Jazzy will learn the fun of being part of a team, as well as instruction in the butterfly, breaststroke, flip turns and competition. If she keeps up her current pace, we’ll be seeing Jazzy standing center podium in no time. Go Jazzy!

Jazzy, who has spastic diplegia, was 3 when she first began aquatic physical therapy with Laura. Spastic diplegia is a form of cerebral palsy that tenses up Jazzy’s feet and legs, creating coordination challenges. But spastic diplegia stands no chance against Jazzy’s blooming self confidence. Since working with Laura, Jazzy keeps up with her peers on land, and now in the water.

Laura’s experience as a physical therapist and as a Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor enable her to teach kids like Jazzy how to swim with confidence and enjoyment and, as importantly, how to be safe in and around the water.

Great work, Laura! Great work, Jazzy!